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10/27/2021 - Spoilerus Revealius!

Hello Witches and Wizards! It has been a while! Spending time like this on the HPTCG is a luxury that has been more and more difficult lately with some big changes in my life this year, but we always find time to talk shop especially on exciting new cards from the HPTCG Revival team! I hope that you have continued to find the work we did here at TDM rewarding and helpful in our absence, and maybe even got to play in some of the online events we had been hosting. I think we're up to 30ish by now! Thanks so much to Sammy and the other community members for keeping that going when our schedule doesn't line up.

We Wanted to do something special for the spoiler reveal that was maybe more creative - but I just couldn't get that mischief managed. Without further ado, we present TWO spoilers for the upcoming Prisoner of Azkaban set!

Introducing the highly anticipated
Marauder's Map and what is already one of my favorite items: Wanted Poster!

As for the site - expect us to be a
bit more active towards the end of the year at the least reviewing and talking about some awesome POA cards! See you soon, and thanks for reading!


1/22/21 - Happy New Year!

2020 was a crazy year. A world-wide pandemic got in the way of many things, but especially the ability for the HPTCG community to gather and compete at conventions like we used to. It wasn't all bad though, our community experienced unprecedented growth and we've seen community members feel the drive to create content. We created The Dark Mark in 2020 and we are excited to see where we can take ourselves and the community in 2021. Here's to a year full of HPTCG gameplay and discussion. We've uploaded more of our tournament VODs to our YouTube page - we did have to cut some of the events because I was silly enough to stream them with Harry Potter music in the background. Rest assured we will have the most recent events up for you though! As always thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and we look forward to giving you much more to experience in 2021. Cheers!


12/12/20 - Accio deck-tech!

We have that deck tech that we promised you on the new deck that Dark Mark team members have been playing in the weekly locals. Check it out here! Thanks to Mike for writing this for us!


12/11/20 - Protego maxima!

If you've been tuned into the Revival Discord and the Facebook group, you've probably seen the Wizarding Wars events have been going off weekly in the HPTCG Discord!

We have had multiple events in both the Revival and the Classic format! We are getting some of the decklists that the players are sharing and posting them over in the Wizarding Wars section, so check that out if you're looking for some ideas! Speaking of new ideas, we have a new deck tech coming for you very soon that is all about the new Burrow/Snuffling potion combo that some of our players were using during this week's Wizarding Wars event!

We also have another card of the week for you - Flying Laps & New Slytherin Seeker! We have been seeing a LOT of Quidditch decks popping up in the Wizarding Wars events, and we want to talk about some more of the cards we see popping up in those lists. Thanks for reading!


11/26/20 - Happy Thanksgiving!

No clever wizard title this week - just a Happy Thanksgiving to readers and fans of The Dark Mark! We have been really busy with the holidays going on but we have been streaming regular events on Tuesdays which you can check out here!

We will be running a Classic format event next week which we are very excited for, so sign up in the discord!


11/11/20 - Wingardium Leviosa!

This week we have a Card of the Week inspired by a discussion in the Revival strategy section of the Discord: Old Sock & Photo Album. We've also added a new section to the site for our EVENTS! We have links to check out the first two tournaments in our weekly Wizarding Wars series. If you want to get in on the action every Tuesday at 7PM EST, sign up in the Discord! Thanks for reading!

On the next Card of the Week, we are going to look at two Quidditch cards!


10/30/20 - Expelliarmus!

We have exciting things on the Horizon for you! Starting in November, we will be hosting weekly FNM-style HPTCG events through the HPTCG Revival Discord!! Check the Facebook group or join the discord to get more information on the Wizarding Wars series! We've been busy getting this ready for you - expect more CotW and articles in November!


10/13/20 - Reparo!

We are back after a bit of time away - I turned 30 at the end of September and took a much-needed vacation! We are back to business now though and with our return comes the return of Card of the Week! This week we are looking at two of the high-end Potions payoff cards that aren't Venomous Tentacular Juice: Potions Class Disaster & Enemies of the Heir Beware. Check it out!


9/23/20 - Tergeo!

Time to explore cleaning up our side of the table on Card of the Week! Read along as we talk about Magical Mess Remover & Skurge - two different cards that allow us to interact with our established board in a unique and interesting way. As always thanks for reading and let us know if there are any cards in particular you'd love to see us talk about!


9/22/20 - Serpensortia!

Card of the Week isn't here quite yet, but I felt like writing something about HPTCG anyway.. so enter our first edition of Savor the Flavor - an article exploring the flavor of a few different cards in the HPTCG! A bit of light reading compared to what we normally post on this site. Enjoy!


9/17/20 - Impedimenta!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful week! We've got another Card of the Week for you, this week comparing two different Adventures that attempt to stop your opponent in their tracks: Hut on a Rock & Wandering Knockturn! We've added a fun little addition to Card of the Week, our own Flavor Text pulled straight from members of The Dark Mark as we talk about and play these cards. Thanks to everybody for the awesome feedback and words of encouragement we have heard, it means a lot to us!
Having tackled Aggro and Control already, we are going to be covering a popular Combo list as our next deck tech for Classic. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


9/8/20 - Arania Exumai!

We wizards were busy enjoying the holiday weekend, but we are back today with a double-dose for you! This week on Card of the Week it's a battle of the big scary monsters with Aragog and Fluffy! We're also dropping both a Revival and a Classic version of our McGonagall Creatures deck! Is Ron giving you trouble in Classic playtesting? Have McGonagall show him his place! For our next deck tech, get your joysticks ready to bust out a couple of combos. As always, thanks for reading!


8/31/20 - Immobulus!

Another week means another Card of the Week for you. This week we see how annoying having your things messed with can be whether it's from a swarm of pixies or your opponent turning your things into quills! We want to thank everybody for their enthusiasm around our launch and we can't wait to continue to share more content with you! We have deck techs on McGonagall Creatures both Revival and Classic varieties coming for you this week - and the Classic list pairs well again our Ron list from last week. There are also whispers on the horizon of recorded games and some commentary coming your way, so stay tuned...


8/24/20 - Morsmordre!

Hello and welcome to The Dark Mark! We are a group of Wizards dedicated to creating content for the Harry Potter Trading Card Game with a focus on helping you develop your competitive edge and improve your skills. We are going to have regular content for both Classic and Revival formats including things like Card of the Week, Deck Techs, Tips & Tricks and more! We are just getting started, but we are excited to have more content for you to enjoy coming soon. Check out our first Card of the Week article! Or maybe read our first Classic deck tech! Keep an eye on this space as well as the HPTCG Revival Facebook group and Discord to get updates whenever we have something new for you! For now, please enjoy your time browsing our site and feel free to reach out to us with any ideas or questions! Is there a specific kind of content you'd like to see? Let us know!