Wizarding Wars

Wizarding Wars is a locals-style online tournament series hosted through the HPTCG Revival Discord on Tuesdays at 7PM!

*All Wizarding Wars events are now being uploaded to our Youtube channel, and you can find decklists from all previous events in the HPTCG Revival Discord*

Wizarding Wars #1

Wizarding Wars #4 - Classic

Player: Mike Diaz
Place: 1st
Starting Character: Seamus Finnigan

4x Venomous Tentacula Juice
4x Dobby's Disappearance
4x Self-Stirring Cauldron
4x Deboning

4x Pep Talk
3x Caught By Snape

4x Ginny Weasley
4x Colin Creevey
3x Peeves
3x Professor Severus Snape
2x Professor Minerva McGonagall

13x Potions
8x Transfiguration

Player: Frank Diaz
Place: 3rd
Starting Character: Ron Weasley

4x Snuffling Potion
4x The Burrow
4x Dobby's Disappearance
1x Magical Mess Remover

6x Charms
6x Potions
5x Transfiguration

4x Ginny Weasley
4x Seamus Finnigan
3x Peeves
2x Draco Malfoy
2x Marcus Flint
3x Professor Severus Snape
1x Madam Pomfrey
1x Professor Quirinus Quirrell
2x Hannah Abbott
3x Professor Minerva McGonagall
1x Argus Filch

4x Escaping the Dursleys

Player: Stefan Giovanni
Place: 2nd
Starting Character: Minerva McGonagall

8x Quidditch
12x Care of Magical Creatures

4x Caught by Snape

4x Hufflepuff Match

4x Steelclaw
2x Platform 9 3/4
4x Dobby's Disappearance

2x Peeves
4x Ginny Weasley

4x Sandstone Gargoyle
2x Errol
3x Black Bat
3x Marble Gargoyle
2x Hedwig
2x Welsh Green Dragon

Player: Huamin Bai
Starting Character: Fred & George Weasley

10x Quidditch
8x Potions

2x Letters From No One
3x Locked In
2x Escaping the Dursleys
4x Hagrid Needs Help
4x Caught by Snape

4x Hufflepuff Match

4x Fouled!
4x Sleeping Potion
4x Restoration Potion
2x Potions Project
2x Malevolent Mixture
3x Impersonating Goyle

2x Argus Filch
1x Peeves
1x Hannah Abbott

Wizarding Wars #5 - Classic

Stefan Giovanni - 1st

Frank Diaz - 2nd
Ron Weasley

Huamin Bai - 3rd
Draco Malfoy

MiKe Diaz - 5th
Ginny Weasley

Wizarding Wars #7 - Revival

Vods available at twitch.tv/RVASnugsy